Ragnar Events take the Athletes for a Fit Planet Pledge of Sustainability

Ragnar Trail Relays and Athletes for a Fit Planet are both American Trail Running Association corporate members. With Earth Day coming up on Monday, Athletes for a Fit Planet is offering ATRA race director members a 33% discount on the Pledge of Sustainability. That means the cost is $100 instead of $150. The discount code is ATRA2019. This discount is available the end of month – April 30.

Ragnar Events Elevates its Commitment to Environmental Responsibility by Taking the Athletes for a Fit Planet Pledge of Sustainability

Athletes for a Fit Planet is excited to announce that Ragnar Events has committed 34 of its road and trail relay races in North America to take the Pledge of Sustainability in 2019. Both Athletes for a Fit Planet and Ragnar Events are American Trail Running Association switchback corporate members.

“Ragnar is committed to producing environmentally responsible races, and the Pledge of Sustainability is a great way to communicate our commitment to our participants, sponsors and the local communities that host our races,” said Alex Docta, Senior Race Director, Ragnar Events. “The Pledge is our public commitment to continually work towards more sustainable events for the planet’s health.”

The Pledge of Sustainability includes 35 environmental initiatives. To qualify for the Pledge, each race must agree to implement at least 10 of the 35 initiatives. The categories include sustainable procurement and communication, reducing the event’s carbon and waste footprints, and measuring and reporting results. Every race that takes the Pledge receives the Pledge logo to place on their website, access to the Green Events Handbook, a monthly newsletter, and other services. Athletes for a Fit Planet posts all Pledged events on the Green Events Calendar.

“Ragnar is raising the bar when it comes to greening events, and we’re glad to be part of the process,” said Bruce Rayner, Founder and Chief Green Officer of Athletes for a Fit Planet. “Expectations about environmental practices by both athletes and sponsors are on the rise and will only increase in the future. Race directors that get ahead of these expectations have a competitive advantage for both registrations and sponsorship dollars.”

For information about the Pledge of Sustainability and other services Athletes for a Fit Planet provides, please email them at info@afitplanet.com

About Ragnar Relay
Ragnar is the largest running relay series in the world. Ragnar races are a unique experience where teams come together to conquer relays in a variety of formats including road and trail. Events can be as short as a single day or expand to overnight formats that run two days and one night straight, completing anywhere from 60 to over 200 miles as a team. The company now has over 40 events across the globe including the UK, Germany, Australia, and Sweden. Find a race near you at runragnar.com

About Athletes for a Fit Planet
Since 2008, Athletes for a Fit Planet has been providing consulting and onsite support to road and trail races, triathlons and bike events. Event clients include world-class marathons to local 5Ks and everything in between. In 2019, the company updated the Pledge of Sustainability to include 35 initiatives covering the three primary environmental footprints: carbon, waste, and water. At $150 per event, the Pledge is a cost-effective way for races and events of all types to communicate their commitment to sustainability to their participants, volunteers, sponsors, and local communities. For more information email them at info@afitplanet.com