Preliminary Trail Running Survey Results

Is it all about the numbers? It can be…

As runners, many of us track our miles, compare our times from run to run, and we may even spend countless hours studying the ups and downs of elevation profiles when preparing for an event. Our running experiences have a lot to do with numbers.

At the American Trail Running Association, we’re interested in numbers too – specifically trail running statistics and demographic profiles of trail runners. To that end, we’ll will be administering surveys throughout 2016 with the emphasis to collect data, which can then be used to assess runner profiles, buying preferences, trends, and more.

Our first survey launched earlier this month and will be open through April 12.  To pique your interest, some selected results of the survey are listed below.  The complete results will be available to our Switchback, Steep & Rocky and All-terrain corporate members.

Of the 975 respondents to date:

  • 39% have been running trails for 1-5 years
  • 44% run on trails 3-5 times per week
  • 47% run 6-20 miles per week on trails
  • 84% prefer a mixture of ascending and descending on their trail runs
  • 75% wear trail specific shoes on trail runs
  • 64% will run 1-5 trail races this year

If you haven’t yet taken our trail running survey, you can still do so on Survey Monkey.

Happy Trails! – Nancy