Trail Running Race Sustainability Guidelines

Races can greatly reduce their impact on the environment by instituting a few simple measures, many of which are outlined in this document. Here are ATRA’s sustainability guidelines for trail running races. This document was researched by Tia Bodington and written with input from Brad Bishop, Susan Farago, Matt Gunn and David Selden. These guidelines… Read more »

Western States Trekker – Day 5 – Foresthill to the River Crossing

This morning the trekker team was privileged to have Ann Trason join for the journey from Foresthill to the River Crossing. The 16 mile journey was completed in 5:57:07 (including breaks), descended 3500’ with 1100’ of climbing. Our team photographer Myke Hermsmeyer strapped on the ultimate camera – the trekker backpack – for the first… Read more »

Western States Trekker – Day 4 – Last Chance to Foresthill

The trekker team was restocked today with a new group of volunteers to carry the 50 pound street view panoramic imaging backpack 20 miles from Last Chance (mile 43.3) to Foresthill (mile 62). The Wednesday Trekker team lead by ATRA’s Richard Bolt was Robert Rhodes from Bay Trailrunners, Matthew Hook, Chris Streeter, Ben Bosch, Avesh… Read more »

Western States Trekker – Day 3 – Duncan Canyon to Last Chance

After fixing trekker battery charger issues on Monday, the trekker team hit the trail again on Tuesday with a fresh complement of volunteers and fully charged batteries. Richard Bolt, Mike Kreaden, Dan Baxley, Matthew Hook (driver) and Myke Hermsmeyer (photographer) left Foresthill early in the morning for the hour plus drive to the Duncan Canyon… Read more »

56th Mount Washington Road Race Results

Press Release: Northeast Delta Dental – 56th Mount Washington Road Race – Mt. Washington Auto Road – June 18, 2016 – 9:00 a.m. (Photo by Suzy West). Joe Gray and Kim Dobson Win 56th Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race; Jim Johnson and Amber Ferreira top New Hampshire Finishers. Gray wins 3rd consecutive Mt… Read more »

Thank you Western States Trekker supporters

This coming Sunday our Western States Trekker will kick off in Squaw Valley resort at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run starting line. To make this project possible we’ve received generous support from several ATRA corporate members and trail runners who have volunteered their time to be part of the trekker team. The trekker team… Read more »

Only One Hill – Chapter 3 – The 1970’s

In 2006 mountain & trail running legend Dave Dunham published “Only One Hill! A History of the Mt. Washington Road Race”. Each Friday for the next several weeks Dave will be publishing a chapter of his book on this website and on his blog. To purchase a hard copy of this book visit the Infinity… Read more »

Featured Trail Town: Del Norte, Colorado

Welcome to the third installment of our “Trail Town” series. Every month we will feature an article about a trail running city that you should put on your bucket list of places to visit! This month we feature the old western town of Del Norte, in Colorado’s sprawling San Luis Valley. Trail Town “How do… Read more »

Only One Hill – Chapter 2

In 2006 mountain & trail running legend Dave Dunham published “Only One Hill! A History of the Mt. Washington Road Race”. Each Friday for the next several weeks Dave will be publishing a chapter of his book on this website and on his blog. To purchase a hard copy of this book visit the Infinity… Read more »

Flashback Friday: A Moving Marriage with Mother Nature

Written by trail runner Bob Holtel for the 2001 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Photo from From the ATRA Archives is presented by Salomon.  Simplicity in all things is the secret of the wilderness and one of its most valuable lessons. It is what we leave behind that is most important. I think… Read more »

Post-race recovery for trail race volunteers

Research suggests – as does the US Olympic Committee – that athletes allow one day of recovery for every hour of time zone they cross en route to a competition. I’m convinced this applies to volunteers who provide support to athletes at events…especially at ultras. It’s now Monday and I’m still recovering from the Cayuga… Read more »

Sigl & Malcolm win USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships

Tyler Sigl led from the start to win the USATF 50 Mile Trail Running Championships in Ithaca, New York, today – Saturday, June 4, setting a course record of 6:44:12 in the process. Men’s Race Sigl pocketed $1500 for the victory, $500 in course incentives, and $1000 to support his travel to the IAU World… Read more »

56th Annual Mt Washington Race Preview

Gray and Dobson look to repeat at 56th Northeast Delta Dental Mt Washington Road Race – Top contenders include Tommaso Vaccina and Francesco Puppi from Italy, along with former winners Eric Blake, Shannon Payne and Brandy Erholtz. Joseph Gray and Kim Dobson will be looking to repeat their 2015 performances at the Northeast Delta Dental… Read more »

Power Up Everyday Exercise and Weekend Adventures with Real Foods from Rocket Fuel

Press release from ATRA corporate member VeloPress. In Rocket Fuel, award-winning dietitian Matt Kadey offers up 126 delicious, creative, and convenient real-food recipes to power your everyday exercise and weekend adventures. Kadey’s ingenious Rocket Fuel foods—like easy-to-make muffins, bars, pies, bites, gels, smoothies, balls, wraps, and cookies—will inspire how you fuel for your favorite sports…. Read more »

USA Long Distance Mountain Running Team announces roster change

Written by Nancy Hobbs, Chairperson, USATF Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Council. The 2016 USA Long Distance Mountain Team roster was officially announced in April. Since that announcement, there has been an update in the roster with 23-year-old Ashland, Oregon native & Bend resident Camelia Mayfield (#132, pictured left) joining the team to replace Amber Reece-Young who… Read more »

Bandits and Trail Racing

Written by Nancy Hobbs, Executive Director, American Trail Running Association. Have you ever stood on the start line for a race, looked around you, and noticed the runner to your left was not wearing a bib number? Do you glare at the bib-less runner? Do you nudge the person to your right and say, “Hey,… Read more »