MYLAPS Sports Timing renews partnership in Event Standards Program

MYLAPS Sports Timing has entered their second year as a preferred partner in ATRA’s Event Standards Program. Introduced in 2012, the program includes vendors and suppliers as partners to further assist trail race directors in meeting ATRA’s 15 criteria necessary for staging a safe and well-organized event.

“MYLAPS is a leader in the industry evidenced by their commitment to develop technology to fit the needs of the changing marketplace,” said Nancy Hobbs, ATRA Executive Director. “Accurate and timely race results along with the element of safety achieved through their runner tracking platform makes MYLAPS the ideal fit for ATRA’s Event Standards Program and we’re delighted to have their team continue their partnership with ATRA.”

“We are excited to renew and extend our partnership with ATRA,” says Patrick Macfarlane, Regional VP, Americas. “Our partnership with ATRA offers an additional platform to further understand the specific needs of the trail running community. These valuable insights allow us to design and manufacture world class solutions to improve performance and provide an exceptional trail race experience.”

MYLAPS was founded in 1982 and its Americas office is based in Atlanta, GA, with connections and additional offices worldwide. MYLAPS invented automatic sports timing and continues to develop solutions that enhance the experience for all sports categories, from the most prestigious and professional races in existence to the amateur level. In addition to timing systems, MYLAPS also provides solutions for the entire event participation cycle: Registration, Live Tracking, Social Media Race Updates, mobile apps and searchable results. The focus is to provide the highest quality experience to all event stakeholders: the participants, spectators, staff and sponsors.

Preferred partners in ATRA’s Event Standards Program include MYLAPS Sports Timing, Ashworth Awards, Race Roster, Marathon Printing, Inc., LP Tent, USA, Motel 6, and Trail Run Project.