Mountain Equipment Recyclers partners with ATRA

Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. (MER), is excited to announce its new partnership with American Trail Running Association (ATRA). Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, MER is a retail shop that specializes in high quality new and used outdoor equipment. Gear includes camping, backpacking, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, climbing, fly-fishing, canoes/kayaks and any other activity associated with outdoor recreation in the Centennial State and beyond.

Opened in 2010, MER began with the focus of giving back to the community through outdoor gear. According to MER’s General Manager Jake Eyermann, “From day one, MER has made it a part of their business model to partner with local non-profits and charities within the Pikes Peak region to find a way to give back. Operating as a Social Business and owned by a non-profit foundation, 100 percent of MER’s net profits go towards charitable causes.

“Specifically, MER partners with over 24 local and state-wide non-profits by creating consignment accounts in which customers can donate gear,” continued Eyermann. “Upon the sale of said donated items, money is divided and put into the group’s consignment account. Therefore, in some ways, an individual’s gear donation is as good as money for groups such as the American Trail Running Association.”

As a new non-profit partner of MER, American Trail Running Association members and supporters can now send in, or drop off donated outdoor items to be placed directly into ATRA’s consignment account. Items you can donate on behalf of ATRA include anything outdoor-recreation related such as gear, clothing, and/or any item that may fit the category of outdoor recreation. MER is interested in receiving any brands one may find sold through REI and tend to avoid items that can be found at big box stores.If in doubt, bring in your items to the shop at 1024 South Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, and MER’s knowledgeable staff will be happy to walk you though the process.