A message on empowerment from Trail Sisters

The following was written by Gina Lucrezi and first appeared in the May 29 edition of Trail Sisters “Newsie” email newsletter and is reposted with permission.  For more great content check out her website at https://www.trailsisters.net.  For more community building articles check out our series of tips for women interviews.

Trail Sisters founder Gina Lucrezi.

With Summer upon us, many of you may be gearing up for your race schedule, and some of you may be signing up for your first race. Regardless if you’re a veteran or newbie, remember to embrace and exude camaraderie and empowerment for your fellow female competitors (and all competitors) while staying true to your competitive nature.

There are far fewer women who toe the line to trail races as compared to men. I don’t believe it’s because they aren’t interested, but because they lack the confidence and encouragement. That doesn’t need to be the case, and it is something we have the power to change.

My challenge to you is to motivate and invite your trail sisters to join you in a race. Empower them with the confidence they need, and celebrate the success of conquering a once fearful feat.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.” – All over Pinterest

Thanks for YOUR support and empowerment,
Gina, Trail Sisters Founder

ATRA Executive Director Nancy Hobbs at the Lake Padden Trail Half Marathon.

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