Max’s Running Tip of the Month – November 2014

The following article was written by +Max King  and originally printed in The Footzone Bend’s October e-mail newsletter.  Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and Max King.

I recently had a dedicated runner come up to me that has been coming to my Tuesday Performance Group workout for the past month and say “I’m a totally different runner than I was a month ago”. That is a huge compliment to me and the main reason I do the TPG workouts. And she’s exactly right. I’ve heard it again and again from people, a little bit of hard work and faster running can make you a whole different runner. And notice I say “faster” running and not “fast” running. I love to see everyone from 12min/mi pace to 5min/mi pace out there working out together and encouraging each other.

So, I challenge you this winter to add a little speed and hard work into your running regimen either at my Tuesday Performance Group or on your own. It will build not only speed and endurance but confidence that next year you’ll be a better runner.

Be sure to email me at to be added to the TPG list so you know where the workouts will be each week.