Keep Running All Winter Long With Traction From inov-8

The new inov-8 X-TALON ULTRA 260 V2 Gets A Grip on Mud, Sand and Snow.

Runners can find it hard to get out the door when the weather gets frightening and the trails get messy. Fortunately, there are shoes available to help you keep “the rubber side down.”

Born in the British Lake District, ATRA member inov-8 has a long history of building grippy trail running shoes for their local fells and trails. For nearly 20 years inov-8 has pumped out a series of “innovative” running shoes that were not just modified road shoes. Pushing the boundaries of what a trail shoe should be, inov-8 has brought us as many different trail shoes as there are trails. From hard-packed and dry to wet, sloppy, soggy and sloppy.

inov-8 X-TALON

Got Mud? If you live in the Pacific Northwest you’re no stranger to running on dark, loamy, moist trails. 

Enter the new X-TALON ULTRA 260 V2. Building on an aggressive tread pattern – perfect for sand, snow or mud – the X-TALON brings new features to make it an even better shoe for trail runners looking to go long while staying confident and comfortable.

Similar to inov-8’s successful TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX and TERRA ULTRA G 270, the new X-TALON ULTRA 260 V2 has a slimmed-down yet durable tongue which allows runners to tension the laces for maximum control without generating hot spots on the top of the foot.

inov-8 X-TALON

While these shoes won’t let you walk on water, you’ll be able to confidently manage its impact on the trails.

At just 260 grams, the X-TALON is light but not fragile. Ballistic nylon upper materials provide excellent durability yet the shoe is crafted to not feel stiff or blocky. Contributing to comfort is the POWERFLOW MAX midsole cushioning also found in the TERRAULTRA G 270.

With widely spaced 8mm deep lugs, runners will find ample traction on soft ground be it on Pacific Northwest mud, upper Mid-West snow or sandy Florida trails. The heel-to-toe drop is pretty traditional at 8mm yet the shoe still feels low to the ground and stable when tearing it up around twisty trails.

inov-8 X-TALON

Got slush and snow? Yes, even road runners can benefit from a grippy shoe to keep up the winter miles. 

How does it compare to other inov-8 trail shoes? Here are the top line differences between the TERRAULTRA G 270 vs. the new TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX vs. the X-TALON ULTRA 260 V2:

  • Weight: 270 grams vs. 300 grams vs. 260 grams
  • Midsole Stack Height: 12mm vs. 19mm/25mm vs. 16mm/8mm
  • Drop: zero vs. 6mm vs. 8mm

Often a grippy and cushioned shoe can be a heavy shoe but new X-TALON ULTRA shows you don’t have to compromise – you can have traction and not “eat it” while busting through the slippy stuff.

inov-8 X-TALON

Got Sand? Florida trail runners know the benefits of aggressive traction 365 days of the year.

Are you ready to “Get A Grip”? Find the X-TALON ULTRA 260 V2 on the inov-8 website or at a specialty run retailer near you. MSRP is $160 USD.

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