Jermann and Shiflett Earn USATF 50k Championship Titles at Caumsett

Written by USATF championship liaison Roy Pirrung at Caumsett Park, Long Island, NY.  The Greater Long Island Running Club is a long-time American Trail Running Association corporate member.  Photos by Roy Pirrung.

Once again, the USATF 50K Road Championships were hosted by the Greater Long Island Running Club (GLIRC) at Caumsett State Park in New York.  Winds ranging from 20-25 m.p.h., along with temperatures in the high teens may have been a factor in failing to break the record.

Camille Shiflett, 43, of Port Washington, WI, in only her second ultra, also won her first national championship title and also her second, as she also earned masters honors. Tyler Jermann, 24, of Flagstaff, AZ, not only ran his first ultra, he won his first national title and broke the men’s course record. Jermann a work-from-home computer programmer for a Montreal tech company, came in looking to take down the 2:43:35 American Record owned by Josh Cox.

Women’s Champion Camille Shiflett.

Meanwhile, the Course Record set by Zach Ornelas at the Caumsett Park 50k, was broken by nearly 4 minutes. Standing at 2:52:16 Tyler knew that was obtainable when he went through the marathon mark in 2:21. His best of 5 marathons was a 2:18 Olympic Trials Qualifier.

Jermann said, “I slowed a bit, the winds wore me down”, yet he managed to run the last 5 miles in about 27 minutes, earning him a $1,000 bonus on top of the $200 first place prize money.

The men’s winner hopes to go after the 50k AR again, but will next compete at Chicago’s Shamrock Shuffle 8k and then Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. He will continue to train with Jim Walmsley, Cody Reed and Nick Arciniaga and others in Flagstaff.

The wind and cold may have helped Camille Shiflett, 43, of Port Washington, WI, as the early leader, last year’s champion, who led from the start, California’s Caroline Boller, the course record holder, cramped severely ending another course record effort.

Shiflett, the mother of 4, ages 14, 12, 10 and 8 a full-time student of nursing, now in her junior year at Cardinal Stritch College, Milwaukee ran a steady race outdistancing Californian Devon Yanko by nearly 7 minutes.

Camille earned $200 for her first place effort in both open and masters categories. Her first ultra was Chicago Lakefront 50k, where she also won, said she was elated to do so well.

She is coached by Joel Pierson, who also coaches at the college she attends, but not ultra athletes. His father Jim was a frequent competitor in Washington State, where Camille lived prior to moving to Wisconsin where her husband works for the U.S. Army.

Race director, Carl Grossbard, became ill immediately after the start and was taken to the ER and hospitalized overnight for observation. He was reportedly in stable condition and doing well.

Complete results can be found at

Men’s Champion Tyler Jermann.

Top 10 Male
1. Tyler Jermann, 24, Flagstaff, AZ, 2:48:56, $200
2. Nick Edignger, 25, Beaver Falls, PA, 2:53:24, $150
3. Chris Rauli, 28, Manilus, NY, 3:04:35, $100
4. Kory Cool, 29, Manhattan, KS, 3:07:36
5. Boyd Carrington, 44, Amityville, NY, 3:27:06
6. Aaron Heath, 42, Chappaqua, NY, 3:28:30
7. C Fred Joslyn, 33, Mount Hilly Springs, PA, 3:31:26
8. Philip McCarthy, 48, NY, NY, 3:35:12
9. Jossi Fritz-Mauer, 32, Old Bethpage, NY, 3:38:34
10. Josh Litofsky, 24, State College, PA, 3:50:25

Top 10 Female
1. Camille Shiflett, 43, Port Washington, WI, 3:39:09, $200
2. Devon Yanko, 34, San Anselmo, CA, 3:46:03, $150
3. Lauren Dorsey, 21, NY, NY, 4:14:19, $100
4. Ashley Backman, 38, Encinitas, CA, 4:12:06
5. Rene Seigrist,33, Annville, PA, 4:12:25
6. Julie Kheyfets, 28, NY, NY, 4:14:19
7. Lan Nguyen, 42, Brooklyn, NY, 4:20:57
8. Jodi Kartes-Heino, 46, East Quogue, NY, 4:22:07
9. Shannon McGinn, 41, Avenel, NJ, 4:33:57
10. Kimberly Schwartz, 38, Brick, NJ, 4:33:57

Top 3 Masters Male
1. Boyd Carrington, 44, Amityville, NY, 3:27:06, $200
2. Aaron Heath, 42, Chappaqua, NY, 3:28:30, $150
3. Philip McCarthy, 48, NY, NY, 3:35:12, $100

Top 3 Masters Female
1. Camille Shiflett, 43, Port Washington, WI, 3:33:09, $200
2. Lan Nguyen, 42, Brooklyn, NY, 4:20:57, $150
3. Jodi Kartes-Heino, 46, Quogue, NY, 4:22:07, $100

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