Italian Mountain Race Course Under Threat from Forest Fires

Editors Note: In 2017 forest fires burned large areas in the mountains above Susa, Italy and threatened the historic Challenge Stellina race course. In recent years several major U.S. trail races have been threatened or cancelled due to forest fires. Are you concerned about how climate change is affecting our sport? Consider supporting the work of Clare Gallagher, Anton Krupicka, Joe Grant, Luke Nelson, Dakota Jones and Stephanie Howe at POW Trail, or join us at the US Trail Running Conference where the theme will be Climate Action & Sustainability.

Breaking news release from Italian mountain running website Corsa in Montagna. Translation by Corsa in Montagna. Photos ABCF COMERO.

Terrible fire devastates the valleys of Trofeo Nasego, race #2 of the 2020 WMRA Mountain Running World Cup. Savallese on its knees but ready to stand up again.

The fear was severe and minor cases had already occurred in recent weeks. Yesterday the strong wind complicated the scenario and a fearful fire broke out between Bione and Casto and on the opposite side of the valley between Casto and Lodrino. The Nasego refuge and the Paradiso refuge are safe but for Casto it is a serious blow.

A terrible sight: the woods and valleys of Casto and Savallese are burning, at the center of a big fire that has been worrying the entire Valle Sabbia, Valle Trompia and Savallese since Wednesday morning.

The drought, the strong wind and the particular conformation of the vegetation in this period of the year have aggravated the situation making it really complicated. Huge efforts have been made by the agencies with special helicopters and canadairs that are employed to try to stem the flames.

The paths of Nasego, around which a real hell broke out, were not spared. The flames devastated the area above Comero, endangered the Paradiso refuge that was saved by a miracle, destroyed the Parco delle Fucine and pushed towards the Corna di Savallo, without fortunately reaching the Nasego refuge.

ABCF Comero, Local Organizing Committee of the Mountain Running World Cup stage is working hard with the authorities and is doing the best to give its contribution during the emergency.

The races scheduled for May should be held on schedule and the official program continues.



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