Henry Aymonod and Valentina Belotti Win Italy’s Vertical Nasego

Written by Alberto Stretti. Photos: Damiano Benedetto and Marco Gulberti.

In a really tough day due to very bad weather, Henry Aymonod (Italy) and Valentina Belotti (Italy) are the 2020 winners of the vertical kilometer “Vertical Nasego” in Casto in northern Italy.

Belotti started women’s Vertical Nasego competition with Mojica Koligar (Slovenia) head to head for a great duel along uphill to Nasego mountains. In the middle, Belotti gave a kick and the gap over the Slovenian grew up quickly to 50 seconds at around 450 meters D+ to left gain. After winning in 2016 and 2017, Belotti confirmed her leadership in Nasego going to win also today in 43 minutes 12 seconds.


Second place for Mojica Koligar (Slovenia) who closed race by clocking 44 minutes 14 seconds. Third position for Dimitra Theocharis who finished in 47 minutes 14 seconds followed by Chiara Fumagalli and Angela Serena to complete top five.

It was a good day for Belotti who said of her win, ”I am living together with an injury all this season so every race needs different plan. During the week I can train only two days and rest only bike. So, winning today, gave me a big satisfaction and trust in my strength for next competition.”

Henry Aymonod (Italy) was one of the favorite’s of men’s race at the Vertical Nasego start and after a tough race with Zak Hanna (Ireland), he won also on Corna del Savallo. When he crossed 500 meters of vertical gain, Aymonod pushed hard and overtook Hanna with Facchini (Italy), Becan (Slovenia) and Moia (Italy) who followed very closely.


In last 300 meters of climbing, the Italian Aymonod continued his action and went to win in 35 minutes 47 seconds. Zak Hanna (Ireland) caught the silver medal of day in 36 minutes 22 seconds while Patrick Facchini (Italy) took third place in 37 minutes 01 second overtaking in a close sprint with Tiziano Moia (Italy) in 37 minutes 06 seconds.

Timotej Becan (Slovenia) completed excellent top five in men in 37 minutes 26 seconds. Happy from his Vertical Nasego win Aymonod said, ”What a race, what a battle! Zak Hanna was an extraordinary contender and I am very satisfied to have won also in Nasego where atmosphere of mountain running is so exciting. Running faster was difficult with this weather, so i think it could be a real good day for me.”


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