Getting social with trail running

Article by guest blogger & trail runner Gina Paletta.

Are you getting social with trail running? No matter how dedicated the runner, sometimes it’s difficult to lace up your shoes and get out of the door. Luckily, today’s digital age is making it easier to find sources of inspiration when motivation is running low. Social media has grown to be a huge trend in acting as a motivator to a large portion of society to get out there and run. Running is an amazing way to stay healthy. Not only does it keep the body in shape and keep vital organs healthy, but it also nourishes the mind. Trail therapy if you like.

But how does social media tie into running? Social media has become one of the largest motivating factors in encouraging people to turn their lifestyle into a healthy one, pushing people to change their ways into an even healthier lifestyle than they already have. Runners World recently published an article, Does Social Media Mean Better Running? explaining how people go onto social media websites and meet other runners who motivate each other to run harder, faster, and just run in general.

It can sometimes be difficult for people to push themselves to run without motivation from other people. Social media allows people to see how others are doing with their training, and can show how people can do better than they have before.

From Facebook to Twitter, Google+ to Youtube, by following other like-minded people, and motivational twitter accounts, it is almost impossible not to obtain motivation. Even by skimming through blogs like Trail Porn once a day, you’re bound to see some type of motivation. Take one look at ATRA member  Acidotic Racing’s Twitter Feed or Raina Runs on Google+  and you’ll be lacing up your shoes and flying out of the door before you know it.

By communicating across the Internet with other people that need encouragement, you will almost never miss a run. Next time you need some more motivation to run, whether it is to relieve stress, get a good work out, or be social, turn to your social media outlets. You’d be surprised how much the Internet can give you the final push that you need!

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Gina is a breakfast loving distance runner from Wales. A recent graduate in marketing communications currently living and running green the trails of Portland, Oregon.  You can follow her on Twitter and read more about her adventures in #trailrunning on her blog