Get Dirty; Run Clean – Our Handmade ATRA Soap is Back!

Handcrafted by Soap Master Creighton in Douglas County, Colorado, this is our third edition of the ATRA Run Clean soap. The base oils are all 100% natural with an “energy” blend of essential oils.

To order this artisanal soap send a check to: American Trail Running Association, PO Box 9454, Colorado Springs, CO 80932. $11 for one bar; $20 for two bars and $28 for three bars. Prices include shipping within the continental United States.

2019 USATF 50 km Trail Champion Tim Tollefson getting dirty on the trail.

The “clean” ingredients are: Palm Oil, Water, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor oil, Rice Bran oil, Avocado, Fragrance blend, Ultramarine & Kaolin clay.

Proceeds help support operations at the non-profit American Trail Running Association (ATRA).

About Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co:
The Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co was founded in 2006 with a love and passion for all things Colorado. The first signature soaps and lip balms we handcrafted were Mt. Peppermint, Ghost Town Shivers Spearmint and Vale Wintergreen. Later they added The Unsinkable Molly Brown Lavender, Pizzelle Anise, Grandmother’s Pink Grapefruit and Black Diamond Coal, which had a Cinnamon and Clove scent.

First sold at the farmer’s markets and gift shops, Rocky Mountain Body Works found that pretty much everyone else made the same product with different labels. It was not challenging enough to make the same 7 soaps and lip balms over and over. “This wasn’t the reason I started a soap company, “said the founder, Creighton.

Then one day a friend who worked at a Bed & Breakfast in Manitou Springs asked me to stop by and show off my products. They liked the Unsinkable Molly Brown Lavender and asked if could make small bars with a custom label of their founder. Finally, a challenging endeavor while making soap!

ATRA executive director Nancy Hobbs with Soap Master Creighton.