Essential Oils for Autumn Trail Running

Written by Jenni Hulburt, owner of Forest & Flowers Retreat in Pennsylvania, shares her list of go-to oils and plans for autumn. Also check out Jenni’s previous article on essential oils that benefit trail runners.

Nature guides us to transition inward during autumn. Do you notice the way plants slow their pace of growth, or die completely, sending energy into the roots? Just as I observe and anchor into the cycles and seasons in nature, I trust the wisdom the earth offers in my daily routines and seasonal rituals.

Essential oils are extracts from plants found in roots, seeds, flowers, and bark — with potent natural compounds that we can use aromatically, topically, or internally to support our health. Just as the weather changes, the plant allies I work with during each season change. I’ll share a few I reach for the most in the autumn months as we transition to longer nights, those supporting the respiratory system, skin, digestion, circulation, and anchoring emotional steadiness in the winds of change.

Autumn Season Plant Allies

  • Ginger
  • Cypress
  • Frankincense
  • doTERRA’s On Guard Blend: Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary

On Guard for immune system modulation and to cleanse the air through diffusion. It also makes a great blend to add to natural cleaning products and oral care.

Ginger in smoothies, warm beverages, or water for digestion, warming the body, and circulation. Apply over the lower abdomen diluted in a carrier oil.

Cypress topically diluted in a carrier oil, massaging from the feet upward. This essential oil assists with circulation, and the process of change.

Frankincense inhaled and massaged into the feet before bed or inhale from hands to feel the grounded and rooted energy of your connection to the earth, just as the plants draw energy downward and into the roots.

Photo: Nancy Hobbs.

Jenni Hulburt is the owner of Forest & Flowers Retreat in Pennsylvania, stewarding the land in reciprocity with the Earth, and offering experiences for guests to cultivate wellness with nature. Prior to this, she graduated with a Master’s degree in the field of Exercise Physiology & Health Psychology, worked as a personal trainer, and created an aromatherapy business based in nature guided wellness and self-sovereignty. In her work now, Jenni blends her background in wellness, movement, essential oils, and tending to plants with her curiosity for learning the ways of wellness with nature, spirituality, and personal transformation. To learn more about essential oils and explore 13 plant allies for your daily routines, click here for Jenni’s free online course.