Creating Memories on the Trails

“Creating Memories on the Trails” by ATRA Executive Director Nancy Hobbs

Trail running affords us memorable experiences. There are the stunning views we enjoy atop a high point which overlooks an expansive valley below, there are the diverse flora and fauna we encounter along the trails, there is the inevitable change in terrain from our first to our last step, and there is the wonder of what lies beyond the next switchback. This is true of trails we visit often, or trails we enjoy for the first time.

I recently had the opportunity to explore a new trail which is not yet open to the public. I was reportedly the first trail runner on the route which, in itself is pretty memorable. But, the memory that will forever be etched into my mind is that of the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado who were hosting a workday on this particular trail. Some 50 volunteers were out with assundry tools like the “Mcleod,” and the more familiar axes, shovels, and saws, breaking new trail as well as perfecting the existing trail. This particular trail, when complete, will reach the top of Cheyenne Mountain and add another layer to the existing Cheyenne Mountain State Park trail system.

To showcase the trail, there will be an inaugural race this October, hosted by the Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Check it out at Support this event if you are in Colorado Springs this fall, and more importantly, be sure to support trail building in your community either with a monetary donation or by participating in a trail work day.

Enjoy the trails and support those who build them, Nancy