Colorado’s Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Raise $37,000 for Forest Trail Restoration

Announcement from Poudre Wilderness Volunteers – caring for Northern Colorado Wilderness.

The Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV), a wilderness trail stewardship organization, concluded a GoFundMe campaign, “Reopen Your Favorite Trails.” The Cameron Peak fire, Colorado’s largest wildfire, destroyed and burned over 208,000 acres of the Roosevelt National Forest. There are 122 miles of trails within the burned area, of which over 42 miles are severely damaged.

Through the generous contributions totaling over $37,000 from 34 Colorado communities and 13 different states, we will begin working with the United States Forest Service on rebuilding these trails, reconstructing bridges, removing dangerous trees, and re-opening access to the wilderness.

“We are humbled by the support from across all of Colorado,” said Mike Corbin, PWV Board chair and Trail Restoration committee chair. “While we surpassed the financial goal, what was equally important was the outpouring of requests by both individuals and organizations to participate in trail restoration workdays,” said Corbin.

For those interested in helping to restore the trails, PWV will be hosting community workdays on July 17, 18, and August 14, 15, 21, 22. Details on volunteering and registration can be found on

PWV is also offering private workdays for organizations, who are looking to get outdoors for a team building event and to help get us back onto the trails. For more information contact: Jeff Randa at or 630-561-8121.

If you don’t live in Colorado find a trail stewardship organization near you on ATRA’s national directory of over 100 groups.

Cameron Peak Fire

About Poudre Wilderness Volunteers:
Poudre Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. PWV has over twenty-five years of experience working with the U.S. Forest Service, specifically the Canyon Lakes Ranger District in Fort Collins, CO. The organization is comprised of over 300 individuals who live primarily in northern Colorado and who range in age from 18 to 80 years old. The group consists of retirees as well as people still actively working in such fields as medicine, education, public and private administration and business. Since 2005, PWV has donated a total of over 340,000 volunteer hours, worth $7,298,038 to the USFS. For more information, visit

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