Camille Herron & Mario Mendoza Victorious at the USATF 100 km Trail Championships

Written by USATF Championship Liaison Roy Pirrung.  Photos from Roy Pirrung.

The 2018 USATF 100km Trail Championships was held in conjunction with the Bandera 100 km Endurance Run in Bandera, Texas.

There was no doubt, in the minds of women’s and men’s winners Camille Herron & Mario Mendoza, from the start; both knew they would win the Bandera 100 km.

Men’s winner Mario Mendoza (Bend, OR).

Camille Herron (pictured top of page), 36, Warr Acres, OK, who recently has been on a roll, with American and World 100 mile records, was last year’s runner-up.

Not only is she a great runner on trails, she proved her mettle on the world stage, winning South Africa’s famous and competitive Comrades Marathon, the first American female to win, since the legendary Ann Trason.

In close pursuit in the early miles, only minutes separated the top 3 female runners, with Danielle Filipek, 26, Rochester, MI and former Bandera champion, Michele Yates, 35, Conifer, CO, in pursuit.

After the first 50k loop, Camille had a 4-minute lead on Danielle, who eventually dropped out and an 18-minute lead on Michele. Later Camille experienced a tough stretch, as did Michele, who held on for second and was followed by Anna Hailey, 37, of Gardendale, TX.

Start of the 2018 USATF 100 km Trail Championships.

The top 3 runners in both, men’s and women’s division earned $1,000, $500 and $350 for their efforts.

Mendoza, 31, Bend, OR, who led much of the first loop, was hotly pursued by a contingent of runners, who gradually dropped back and some who would find the early pace too much and DNF’d.

Last year, Mario experienced a similar fate, after assuming the lead, a wrong turn ended his race as well. This time there were no mistakes and he earned a victory.

At the start of loop 2, Cody Reed, 26, Flagstaff, AZ and Jeffrey Colt, 26, Carbondale, CO were a minute and 3 minutes behind, respectively.

Reed would maintain his position to the finish, while Colt faltered a bit and gave up 3rd place to Jared Burdick, 36, Fayetteville, NY.

Top Masters honors and $150 in prize money went to Charles Lasater, 45, Houston, TX and Tonya Littlehales, 45, Bend, OR.

There was representation from 20 states, including Hawaii.

Gordy Ainsleigh, 70, Meadow Vista, CA, known as the father of 100-mile trail running, won the 70-74 national championship title in 21:48:12 and was the oldest finisher.

Complete race results can be found at

USATF Championship results compiled by Andy Martin can be found here.

ATRA board member Dave Mackey.

Top 3 USATF Men
1. Mario Mendoza, 8:07:45, 31, Bend, OR, $1,000
2. Cody Reed, 8:24:36, 26, Flagstaff, AZ, $500
3. Jared Burdick, 8:40:59, 36, Fayetteville, NY, $350

Top 3 USATF Women
1. Camille Herron, 9:56:02, 36, Warr Acres, OK, $1,000
2. Michele Yates, 11:00:39, 35, Conifer, Co, $500
3. Anna Hailey, 11:48:50, 37, Gardendale, TX, $350

Top USATF Masters Male
1. Charles Lasater, 10:34:07, 45, Houston, TX, $150

Top USATF Masters Female
1. Tonya Littlehales, 13:51:23, 45, Bend, OR, $150

12 women and 54 men competed in the USATF Championship of the Bandera 100 km. USATF ONLY RESULTS by Andy Martin.