ATRA Member inov-8 Donates Over $12,000 For Planting New Trees

Announcement from Lake District (United Kingdom) based inov-8, a long time member of the American Trail Running Association.

inov-8 has donated $12,800 (£9,600) towards the planting of new trees and the restoration of peat habitats in the battle against climate change.

The Lake District based brand – who specialize in trail running, hiking and fitness gear – raised the money through a Green Friday sales initiative on its website.

The donation has been made to Cumbria Wildlife Trust, a local voluntary organization devoted to the conservation of wildlife and wild places in the county. It will be spent on the trust’s carbon reduction projects, which include planting trees and restoring peat bogs.


Michelle Waller, Senior Development Officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: “It was brilliant to get the phone call from inov-8 saying they wanted to help us do more conservation work and improve our environment.”

“This donation will contribute towards planting over 2,000 trees at Staveley Woodlands (in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK) over the next year. It will also help to keep Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve (also in the Lake District) a healthy functioning peatbog. The 350-hectare site at Foulshaw alone locks away over 5,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.”

“Restoring peat bogs is our best weapon against climate change because they lock away harmful CO2, so that it doesn’t leak back into the atmosphere.”

“Healthy peatlands full of bogs are actually the UK’s largest carbon store – they lock away 28.5 million tonnes of CO2 in the Lake District alone.”

inov-8 COO Michael Price this week joined both Michelle Waller and Danni Chalmers, Staveley Woodlands Officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and to plant trees. The Trust is working with the local community to ensure that Staveley Woodlands become an even better place for wildlife and people.

Price said: “I’m very proud of our team, whose idea to turn the Black Friday sale period into Green Friday and donate a percentage of sales to the planting of trees was an inspired one.”

“I’m equally proud of our brand fans, both old and new, who supported us during the Green Friday initiative and played their part in helping us protect the planet. Thank you all.”

“Working with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, we will continue to get a grip on climate change and run more initiatives together.”


Indeed, the first new initiative will launch later this month. inov-8 will host a ‘Run For The Hills’ challenge on the popular Strava app, encouraging people to get out and run over the Christmas period, and in doing so help raise money for the trust’s carbon reduction projects.

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