ATRA goes retro to celebrate 22 years of trail running

At the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) we’re going back to the past to dust-off and republish more than two decades of trail running articles in a new series presented by Salomon entitled From the ATRA Archives. (Photo above: US women’s team at the 1996 World Mountain Running Trophy race in Telfus, Austria. Danelle Ballengee, Kay Graybill, Melissa Johnson and Nancy Hobbs).

Eric Morse leading the 2001 Windblown Mountain Race.

Designed as an homage to the many great writers from our 22 years as a Colorado non-profit corporation, and to inspire the next generation of authors, we’re republishing articles, which first appeared in our Trail Times newsletter. You’ll be able to find these classic trail running stories in the Trail News section of our website. As part of this retrospective, we’ll also feature trends and changes we’ve witnessed in our sport since the mid-90s.

Bob Holtel who wrote “A Moving Marriage with Mother Nature” for the 2001 edition of our Trail Times newsletter.

“It’s an honor for Salomon to continue our partnership with the American Trail Running Association,” said Mike Ambrose, Salomon Endurance Marketing Manager. “From the ATRA Archives is a great way to share the history of our sport, while inspiring future generations of runners, story tellers, and trail enthusiasts.”

Danelle Ballengee (USA) at the 1996 World Mountain Running Trophy race in Telfus, Austria. Danelle is an ATRA Advisory Board member and director of the Moab Trail Marathon.

Added our president Adam W. Chase, “Two decades used to seem like a really long time, especially more than two decades ago, when we were just kicking ATRA into gear. Our new archival story revival harkens back to times when trail running was just gaining credibility and participants. It is fun to reminisce over these “old” stories and appreciated how far we’ve come and, at the same time, how little off-road running has changed from its pure roots of enjoying our beloved activity in natural settings.”

Daniel Kihara enroute to winning the 2001 Mt Washington Race.

Enjoy the first of many From the ATRA Archives presented by Salomon with a flashback from Ian Torrence at the 1999 Old Dominion 100 Mile Endurance Run.

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The US men’s team at the 1999 World Mountain Running Trophy race in Sabah, Malaysia.