Are you a trail running community builder? Join our Trail Ambassador Program

As part of our theme for 2017; “Community: Building Trail Running Connections“, the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) introduces its new Trail Ambassador Program. Starting in January 2017, we will select individuals who do amazing things in their community, whether it be local, regional, or national, to “build trail running connections.” This could include starting a trail running program for youth, constructing trails, creating a new trail running series, or offering volunteer support at events.

“This is a program where we can recognize great people doing great things in their communities,” said Nancy Hobbs, ATRA Executive Director. “Through this program, we will be able to share what people are doing to build trail running connections, and hopefully inspire others to become involved as trail ambassadors in their communities.”

Adds ATRA President Adam W. Chase, “Trail running is all about our tight-knit community and ATRA feels we will be able to expand those attracted to the endeavor if we celebrate those who deserve recognition for their often-unheralded yet impressive efforts to improve our sport and our trails.”

We are seeking nominations now. If you know of a deserving individual, send your nomination to, and include your name and contact information, the name, email, and phone contact for your nominee, and up to 500 words about the nominee’s contributions to his or her community related to trail and mountain running. Each month, an individual will be chosen from the nominees received, and honored by the American Trail Running Association.

The chosen individual will be profiled on our website and will receive gear from our corporate partners in the program. Partners will be announced in an upcoming press release.