A Trail Runner’s Poem: Nature is Open

This poem first appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of our Trail Times newsletter. The poem was conceived and written at the Active at Altitude fall Trail Running Camp, September 16, 2021 in Estes Park, Colorado by Virginia Schultz, Jason Lenz, Allison Corcoran, Rebecca Kadish, Jim Armentrout, Brian Halweil, Dawn Vaughn, Carolyn Weber, Vicki Hunter, Jacqueline Chiplin, and Terry Chiplin.

Nature is Open

All sextillion years of R&D

every molecule mind and matter unite

synchronicity immersed in still omnipotent silence speaks to heart

and welcomes us, no matter our mood

the trails are a common ground where all are welcome

the trails are where spirits can be healed

flexing our mental muscles to embrace neuroplasticity and improved trail dancing

and the voices in the wind keep us singularly united

no trace of our passing, our visit, and the nourishment we take.