2021 WMRA International U18 Mountain Running Cup is Cancelled

Announcement from the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA). ATRA founder Nancy Hobbs is the WMRA treasurer. Photo by Jumpy James.

Unfortunately we have to bring you the disappointing news that the decision has been made to cancel both the 2021 European Mountain Running Championships and the 2021 International U18 Mountain Running Cup this year. Both had been postponed from 2020, in the hope that the global coronavirus situation would have improved by now.

The organizers of the European Championships, which would have taken place in Cinfaes, Portugal, said:

“The pandemic situation is still ongoing in Europe and, even if the situation is currently getting better in Portugal, the conditions are still uncertain and challenging and would not allow the event to be delivered to the expected level.”

The International U18 Mountain Running Cup would have taken place in Ambleside, England on July 24. There is still hope of some sort of limited competition there. The organizer, Duncan Richards, said:

“Due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding Covid it has unfortunately been decided to cancel the WMRA U18 Cup due to take place on 24th July. The organizers are planning on holding an invitational event for home countries teams using the course etc on that day, so ensuring the GBR athletes have something to aim for. The viability of the event being an open invitational for athletes from countries outside the UK is being explored however athletes/coaches would have to take their own responsibility for travel and accommodation arrangements – anyone interested in being kept informed of this possibility should email with their interest with the organizer.”

Editor’s Note: U.S. athletes interested in making the team for this event should stay tuned to the USATF MUT webpage for updates on qualifying for the 2022 International U18 Mountain Running Cup.

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