2005 US National Snowshoe Championship Results

The Fifth Annual
2005 Nike ACG United States National Snowshoe Championship Results
Saturday March 5th, 2005
Kincaid Park, Anchorage, Alaska

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Championship Results

Junior Women’s 5km
Place Name State Time Results
1st Anna Leib CO 27:53 Natl Junior Champion/Natl Team Member
2nd Lindsay Dick CO 35:58 Silver Medalist &Natl Team Member
3rd Heidi Lovett AK 36:23 Bronze Medalist & Natl Team Member
4th Breanna Gunnarson CO 41:47
5th Rita Purcell CA 45:21

Junior Men’s 5km
Place Name State Time Results
1st Jason Ayr MA 23:14 Natl Junior Champion/Natl Team Member
2nd Zachary Rivers NY 25:46 Silver Medalist & Natl Team Member
3rd Nicholas Wujciak NY 27:08 Bronze Medalist & Natl Team Member

Open Women’s 10km
Place Name State Age Time Results
1st Nikki Kimball MT 33 49:30 Natl Champion/Natl Team Member
2nd Karen Melliar-Smith CO 30 53:35 Silver Medalist & Natl Team Member
3rd Lynann Lorenz NY 25 54:44 Bronze Medalist & Natl Team Member
4th Laurie Lambert TX 43 54:47 National Team Member
5th Cindy Brochman MN 39 55:53 National Team Member
6th Meghan Young NY 21 55:59 20-24 Gold Medalist
7th Christine Cannard AK 33 56:32 30-34 Gold Medalist
8th Heather Gasaway AK 29 56:50 25-29 Gold Medalist
9th Amy Johns AK 44 59:22 40-44 Gold Medalist
10th Michelle Mitchell AK 30 1:01.16 30-34 Silver Medalist
11th Laura McDonough AK 44 1:02.12 40-44 Silver Medalist
12th Andrea Kinzey-Wheeler CO 44 1:09.25 40-44 Bronze Medalist
13th Amy Carroll AK 34 1:11.13 30-34 Bronze Medalist
14th Shane Holonitch CO 54 1:12.03 50-54 Gold Medalist
15th Colleen Peterson AK 58 1:13.34 55-59 Gold Medalist
16th Chary Griffen NY 56 1:13.48 55-59 Silver Medalist
17th Maggie Masella NY 21 1:19.42 20-24 Silver Medalist
18th Tina Oberheide CO 58 1:29.51 55-59 Bronze Medalist

Open Men’s 10km
Place Name State Age Time Results
1st Aaron Robertson NY 26 42:19 Natl Champion/Natl Team Member
2nd Charlie Wertheim CO 42 43:12 Silver Medalist/Natl Team Member
3rd Jesse Haynes CA 32 43:40 Bronze Medalist/Natl Team Member
4th Mike McManus OR 39 43:55 National Team Member
** Andrew Clark CANADA 44:01 Team Yeti/Canada Member**
5th Mike Decker MI 28 44:11 National Team Member
6th Tom Borschel ID 47 44:14 45-49 Gold Medalist
7th Mark Churchill VT 29 45:26 25-29 Gold Medalist
8th Gary Fancher NY 43 45:30 40-44 Gold Medalist
9th Chris Bell OR 29 45:50 25-29 Silver Medalist
10th Victor Vilar WI 25 45:51 25-29 Bronze Medalist
11th John Clark AK 44 46:53 40-44 Silver Medalist
12th Dan Verrington MA 42 47:26 40-44 Bronze Medalist
13th Kenny Brown CA 35 47:44 35-39 Gold Medalist
14th Eric Bohn CA 38 48:04 35-39 Silver Medalist
** Dom Repta CANADA 48:52 Team Yeti/Canada Member
15th Nathaniel Grabman AK 20 49:09 20-24 Gold Medalist
16th Frank Mungeam OR 43 49:43
17th Chad Carroll AK 33 49:54 30-34 Gold Medalist
18th Britt Brewer MA 41 50:42
19th Brian Purcell CA 48 50:46 45-49 Silver Medalist
20th Brian Gunnarson CO 38 51:12 35-39 Bronze Medalist
21st Wayne Cottrell UT 42 51:43
22nd Christian Fuller CA 30 52:24 30-34 Silver Medalist
23rd Mark Miller AK 38 52:56
24th Brent Weigner WY 55 53:32 55-59 Gold Medalist
25th Rocky Reifenstuhl AK 52 53:42 50-54 Gold Medalist
26th Ed Myers PA 54 53:54 50-54 Silver Medalist
27th Adam Chase CO 39 54:08
28th Jim McDonnell MN 51 54:19 50-54 Bronze Medalist
29th Tim Moser AK 33 54:25 30-34 Bronze Medalist
30th Jim Graupner MN 60 54:29 60-64 Gold Medalist
31st Mark Rickman CO 43 54:31
32nd Andrew Duenow AK 39 55:04
33rd Jamie Boese CO 45 55:05 45-49 Bronze Medalist
34th David Jansik CA 35 56:25
** Michael Burns-Campbell CANADA 56:49 Team Yeti-Canada Member**
35th Steven Rivers NY 43 57:13
36th Hal Needham NY 30 57:46
37th Stephen Holonitch CO 47 57:53
38th Bill Hamlin WA 54 57:58
39th Norm Sheppard MA 47 59:20
40th Paul Fiondella NY 58 1:00.18 55-59 Silver Medalist
41st Bill Morse MA 53 1:01.25
42nd Mike Most WI 54 1:02.32
43rd Frederick Wilson AK 54 1:08.02
44th James Holloway MI 54 1:09.13
45th John Stauffer CA 53 1:09.29
46th Craig Stephen AK 31 1:16.45
47th Bob Durband MN 61 1:20.44 60-64 Silver Medalist
48th Rich Busa MA 75 1:25.30 70+ Gold Medalist

Regional Championship Scoring
(Top 5 athletes from each region score)

1st Place Team: Rocky Mountain Region; 33 points
1st Nikki Kimball
2nd Karen Melliar-Smith
4th Laurie Lambert
12th Andrea Kinzey-Wheeler
14th Shane Holonitch

2nd Place Team: Alaskan Region; 45 points
7th Christine Cannard
8th Heather Gasaway
9th Amy Johns
10th Michelle Mitchell
11th Laura McDonough

Incomplete Teams: Northeastern, North Central and Western.


1st Place Team: Western Region; 35 points
3rd Jesse Haynes
4th Mike McManus
6th Tom Borschel
9th Chris Bell
13th Kenny Brown

2nd Place Team: Northeastern Region; 46 points
1st Aaron Robertson
7th Mark Churchill
8th Gary Fancher
12th Dan Verrington
18th Britt Brewer

3rd Place Team: Alaskan Region; 91 points
11th John Clark
15th Nathaniel Grabman
17th Chad Carroll
23rd Mark Miller
25th Rocky Reifenstuhl

4th Place Team: Rocky Mountain Region; 94 points
2nd Charlie Wertheim
20th Brian Gunnarson
21st Wayne Cottrell
24th Brent Weigner
27th Adam Chase

5th Place Team: North Central Region; 115 points
5th Mike dEcker
10th Victor Vilar
28th Jim McDonnell
30th Jim Graupner
42nd Mike Most

**NOTE** This is the first time in event history that ALL 5 USSSA regions have scored with complete teams!

76 athletes competed in the National Championship events
as represented by the following breakdown by State;

Alaska 17
Colorado 13
New York 11
California 8
Massachusetts 6
Minnesota 4
Oregon 3
Michigan 2
Wisconsin 2
Utah 1
Wyoming 1
Pennsylvania 1
Washington 1
Montana 1
Idaho 1
Vermont 1
Texas 1
(17 U.S. States were represented)

Atlas Snowshoe Citizen’s 5km/10km Snowshoe Run/Walk Event
Saturday March 5th, 2005 at Kincaid Park, Anchorage Alaska

Citizen’s 5km Event

Place Bib # Name State Time
1st 162 Matt Crow AK 29:08
2nd 157 Phillip Millan NC 32:48
3rd 154 Steve Wood AK 33:24
4th 151 Ken Leib CO 33:30
5th 163 Cindy Crow AK 35:22
6th 155 Sven Cargill AK NT
7th 161 Shane Metcalf AK 40:33
8th 160 John Marselus AK 40:33
9th 152 Kim Montague CO 42:10
10th 165 Lloyd Crow AK 47:07
11th 166 Chris Turletes AK 50:58
12th 164 Regan Sarwas AK 58:31
13th 158 Bill English AK 1:17.57

Citizen’s 10km Event

Place Bib # Name State Time
1st 153 John Lovett AK 1:24.26
2nd 150 Dot Helm AK 1:39.56
3rd 159 Craig Wood AK 1:39.57

Tubbs Snowshoes 4 x 2.2km Snowshoe Team Relay Event
Sunday March 6th, 2005
Russian Jack Springs Park, Anchorage Alaska

1st Place Men’s Open Team: Kenny Brown, Brian Purcell, Eric Bohn, Mike Decker – 37:19
1st Place Men’s Mixed Team: John Clark, Mike McManus, Tom Borschel, John Clark – 37:40
1st Place Mixed Open Team: Jason Ayr, Karen Melliar-Smith, Adam Chase, N. Grabman – 40:20
1st Place Mixed Master’s Team: Wayne Cottrell, Ed Myers, Rick Wilson, Cindy Brochman – 46:43

The Healthy Futures Kid’s Snowshoe Kilo Event
Presented by ConocoPhillips
Saturday March 5th at Kincaid Park, Anchorage Alaska.
This event featured twenty-one boys and girls twelve years of age and under. Each participant received a personal numbered racer’s bib and finisher’s medal.

Fur Rendezvous began as a winter sports tournament (hockey and basketball). Some history books state that Fur Rondy began in 1936, other sources place it beginning as late as 1939. The year in which the idea was conceived is now accepted as the beginning date of the festival: 1935. It was during that time that Vern Johnson, Clyde Conover, Thomas Bevers and Dale Bowen came up with the idea of a party that would encompass all of Anchorage. The main focus of the carnival was to bring people together, to show community support and celebrate the beginning of the end of winter.

Saturday March 5th, 2005
1:00pm Start Time
Kincaid Park, Anchorage, Alaska

Kincaid Park is approximately 1500 acres and includes Point Campbell, a former military site. The park is located on the west edge of the Anchorage Bowl. The Dimond High School Ski Team first used trails in the original park near Campbell Lake for cross-country skiing in 1771-72. The first 7 1/2 km of trails around the lake were designed and constructed by Dick Mize, Jim Burkholder and Jon Elliott in 1972. An additional 12 km of trail was constructed in 1974 on the south side of the road. In 19799 the military site was given to the city, more then doubling the available ski terrain. Development has continued steadily since 1980. Upgrades include 20 km of lighted trails, stadium, timing building, chalet and annex, the Mize Loop, Margaux’s, the Lekisch Trails, the Kim Berg Biathlon Range, the Sisson Trail and Arlene’s Way for a total of over 61 km of trails. The facilities were dramatically upgraded in 2000 for the 2001 Special Olympic World Winter Games, including expanded chalet/annex, parking, extra-wide tunnels and scoreboard. Most of the trail planning and development has been due to the volunteer acts of the members of the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage, Inc. (NSAA), formerly the Nordic Ski Club. Some of the ski trails meet FIS standards and qualify for World Cup races of 5, 10, 15 & 30 km distances. Kincaid Park has been the site of Junior, Senior, Collegiate, Biathlon and Master World and National Cross Country events. In addition, thousands of local recreational enthusiasts use the Kincaid trail system extensively in both summer and winter

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