183,000 running shoe prices analyzed by RunRepeat.com

Press release written by Jens Jakob Andersen, RunRepeat.com. RunRepeat.com powers ATRA’s Find a Trail Shoe tool.

At RunRepeat.com we have done a massive analysis of 183,911 running shoe prices. We collected prices from 41 US retailers across three different days in March.

The purpose of the analysis was simply curiosity. What do prices on running shoes look like on the internet? Some results were expected while others surprised us. While we looked at many prices, the study is not perfect, so read the results with a grain of salt.

Savings on running shoes online

Looking at 450 current running shoe models we found that a whopping 86% was available at a discounted price. We found the average saving to be $46, or equal to around 38%. In addition, we found that 56% of all running shoes are available at discounts from 30% to 69%. This indicates relatively significant discounts.


Trail running shoes followed the same pattern in the discounts as road running shoes.


We found that multisport brands (Nike, Adidas etc.) were around 13% more discounted than running specific brands (Saucony, Hoka etc.). Also, we found that running shoes for competition purposes were 17% cheaper than normal every day running shoes, and finally we found that the heavier the running shoe, the more expensive it is. In fact it’s $5.6 more expensive for every ounce heavier it is.

Should one buy running shoes online?

At RunRepeat.com we do not advice runners to buy online nor do we advice runners to buy local. We believe both options offer advantages and disadvantages. Shopping online saves you money and time and gives you a large selection while shopping local supports the local stores and local environment, gives you assistance from the support team in the store and allows you to try the running shoes before buying them.

What’s your opinion of the results? Do you shop online or local? Why?

All results are available at http://runrepeat.com/running-shoe-prices-analyzed

RunRepeat.com Infographic

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