Women’s Epic Race at Brighton Resort

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Jul 30, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Women’s Epic Race at Brighton Resort

329 South Highway 143

Brighton UT, 84121


Entry Fee $110
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 6M

Type: Mountain

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 100%

First Year of the Event: 2022


The Women’s Epic is the first women’s-specific mountain trail race in Utah. It was created for all levels of adventure-seeking women who want to leave their comfort zone behind, explore the trails, and be empowered by an inspiring community of like-minded ladies. The vertical trek to the top of the mountain is the ultimate test of endurance and mental strength. The views will take your breath away, and the after-party at the finish line will make it all worth it.

This course was designed to give you a challenging but doable climb, breathtaking views of Brighton Resort, and an epic sense of accomplishment by the end of your journey.

The race starts at 9am at Brighton Resort (elevation 8755′ ft.) next to the Alpine Lodge. Please arrive around 8am to give yourself enough time to park and get ready. You will start lining up at 8:45am. Runners will line up closest to the starting line, joggers in the middle, and hikers in the back. You will begin your ascent up the Brighton Lakes Trail for about a mile then take a small excursion to see Dog Lake in a gorgeous meadow basin. You’ll loop up to the Clayton Peak trail and begin to hike through shaded areas with big pines. At this point you will most likely be able to catch your breath and feel the tranquility of the mountains. You’ll pop out into open views of the Crest Express where your first aid station will be placed. This station will have water and first aid. You’ll continue up Clayton Peak Trail and begin to see some stunning views! Your second aid station will be placed just before Mile 2 – this will serve as a dual aid station – it will also be your last aid station on the way down. There will be water, first aid and fuel here. You will switch back up to the Western Express trail to begin your final climb. Luggable Loo Toilets will be off to the right towards Snake Creek – look for the big orange tents if nature has called.

If the back of your legs weren’t burning before the Western Express trail, they probably will be now! Please stay to the right on your way up – as the trail overlaps for a short amount of time and there will be women coming down on this wide trail. Look for the Great Western Express Ski Lift. That’s where you’re headed! Keep climbing until you reach the lift. Then pause and look at the incredible views! Your third aid station will be here with water, first aid, fuel, and a sticker for you to snag, Make sure to get a yellow Women’s Epic sticker from the top to verify you made it! Congrats, you are a little more than halfway done. Make your way down the Western Trail, and be cautious of loose gravel right here. Stay right during the overlap. Once you reach the crossing where the Luggable Loos are, follow the sign down the section of the Western Express Trail you haven’t explored yet. You’ll run into the aid station you already visited on your way up – this is your final chance to get some water and fuel. Enjoy your descent down the trail through meadows of wildflowers and let the victory sink in! You’ll then connect to the Crest Express Trail for your final ascent. In the last half mile of the race, follow the flags to veer left onto a single track trail – we added this section to give you a “just you and the mountain” feel – you can sprint, frolic, dance, or crawl this small section. You’ll begin to hear music and a crowd – the sweet sound of victory! Look for the same arch you started under and soak up that happy feeling in your heart. Once you cross the finish line, enjoy the after party! You can hydrate, hang out in the vendor village, buy a burger from Brighton Resort, cheer everyone on, enjoy giveaways, watch awards, and give yourself a huge high five!

* 2pm cut-off time for all participants.

** Course is subject to change as deemed necessary. The course is located on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

*** No dogs allowed

**** All swag-bags/bibs may be picked up Friday before the race (July 29) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm or the morning of the race (July 30) before 8:30am at Brighton Resort. I.D. must be provided.


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Held on Jul 30, 2022

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