Jan 18, 2025 at 6:00 AM

The Shippey Endurance Runs

6480 Beaumont Reservation Drive

High Ridge MO, 63049


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Entry Fee $75
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $550
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 100K
  • 100M
  • 20M
  • 65K
  • 65K

Type: Ultra

Participant Limit: 300

Course Map: Download Map

Starting Elevation: 540

High Point: 897

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 95%

First Year of the Event: 2019

Men's Record: 100mi 20:39:50, 100k 11:11:51

Masters Men Record: 100mi 26:28.00, 100k 11:33:58

Women's Record: 100mi 29:19:00, 100k 14:32:18

Masters Women Record: 100mi 32:50:13, 100k 16:07:28


This is STL’s Original 100-mile trail ultra!!

Nestled quietly in the rolling wooded hills just outside of Greater St. Louis lies the wonders of the Beaumont Scout Reservation. Here we invite you to partake in a first-hand experience of these “rolling” hills, where, under normal circumstances the general public is not allowed to run the tough and beautiful trail systems within.

The Shippey Endurance Runs, rightly named from the trail color system used by the Scouts, after Merle Shippey a well-respected cog in the scouting community. The Shippey takes you through all aspects of this magnificent wonder by creating an extremely runner, crew and aide friendly race.

No need to chase runners over miles of back roads. Camp indoors 100 yds from the Start-Finish line and the ease of seeing your runner or your crew every 3-5.3 miles The Shippey is minutes from amenities, allowing runners and their crews the ease of re-supply and convenience nearby!!

Come prepared for cold temps but also know that it could be 70 degrees. Weather in St. Louis can flip on a dime!
So, if you want to run on an amazing trail system that will only be open to the public during this event….well, come run with us at The Shippey Endurance Runs!

P.S. the Boy Scout’s didn’t believe in switchbacks when they built these trails! You have been properly warned!!

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——–>> We are CUPLESS and a Trail Sister Approved Event <<———

**Pets and alcohol are strictly prohibited on property.**

Course Details

The course is set up as 5 legs ranging from 3.2-5.3 miles encompassing one 20mi loop(run 1x for 20mi, 2x for 40mi, 3x for 100k, 5x for 100mi)
The course switches directions each year running clockwise on odd years, counterclockwise on even years.

There will be 2 indoor aid stations on the course which you will venture through multiple times. Each leg varies from the others offering steep climbs, ridgeline running, long and short steep descents as well as creek bottoms, pine floor, and jeep roads with approx. 75% single/double track, 25% jeep roads.

Distance and Elevations are approximates:
+ 20.35mi w/ 3,000′ ascent/descent
+ 40.7mi is 6,000′ ascent/descent
+ 100k=61mi w/ 9,000′ ascent/descent
+ 101.7mi w/ 15,000′ ascent/descent



Past Event Dates

Held on Jan 14, 2023

Held on Jul 08, 2022

Held on Jan 09, 2021

Held on Aug 07, 2020

Held on Aug 02, 2019

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