Mar 19, 2016 at 6:00 AM

Northburn Station 100 miler

Norburn Station Road. RD2


New Zealand

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Entry Fee $160
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $420
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 100K
  • 100M

Type: Trail

Participant Limit: 300

Starting Elevation: 720

High Point: 5577

First Year of the Event: 2011

Men's Record: M: 22:45:12

Masters Men Record: MM: 22:45:12

Women's Record: W: 24:15:30

Masters Women Record: MW: 24:15:30

Description: 100 miles is 161km folks, and this course will have you climbing and descending around 8000m (26247feet). Not to be taken lightly. Click the maps below to view as PDFs. The 100mile (161km) course covers 3 maps, each loop starts and finishes in the same place – great to catch up with your supporters! The first 50km loop take you from 200m above sea level (Start/finish) up near the most central point in New Zealand at around 1660m (2400m vertical climb). The second ‘loop’ is another 50km loop with a climb of 3300m. The third and final loop is only 10ks longer but still with steep climbs distributed through it (3300m vertical climb). Total climb of over 9000m. There will be plenty of marshals along key areas of the course. The course will be well marked with directional arrows, fluro spay paint on the ground and reflective tape at night. There will be one aid station about half way round each loop with nutrition and electrolyte supplements. You will also be coming back through the start/finish area at the 50k and 100k marks so you will be able to pick up your personal refreshments/gear as required. There will be some extra fresh water re-fill positions (creeks) along the course so a water carrying capacity of about 2L per person should be adequate. There will be some compulsory re-fill points. This is a dry, hard, rocky course mostly run over high country 4WD tracks but also including some short sections of fence lines and sheep tracks. The weather can be ‘changeable’ so your minimum gear must be carried at all times.


Race event photo
Race event photo
Race event photo


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