Lights Out Trail Run


Oct 01, 2022 at 7:00 AM

Lights Out Trail Run

8501 SE Boy Scout Rd

Tequesta FL, 33469


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Entry Fee $55
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $85
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 5K

Type: Trail

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 100%

First Year of the Event: 2019


Spend your time dodging monsters in the dark…in the woods…with only a headlamp to guide you.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Scares and Terrifying Memories. You also receive a shirt, a medal, and some wicked fun. **This event will NOT be timed, as we want racers to slow down and enjoy the haunted attractions**

SETTING: Welcome. You have arrived to Camp Tanah Keeta, 640 acres of private natural areas for your enjoyment. You’re here to escape the television and play in the woods, which is exactly what the camp is for. There aren’t many rules during your stay, just clean up after yourselves and don’t feed the wild animals. Oh, and the most important rule of all, direct from the Camp Ranger: “DON’T GO IN TO THE WOODS AT NIGHT. STAY IN YOUR CABIN AFTER DARK, WHERE THE WALLS AND LOCKED DOORS WILL KEEP YOU SAFE”.

But that’s not your plan. You plan to to grab your buddies and go for a midnight stroll, while the ranger is sleeping. Only problem is, he’s not asleep. And neither are the woods. It’s alive out there in the dark. Good luck.


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Past Event Dates

Held on Oct 01, 2022

Held on Oct 01, 2021

Held on Oct 05, 2019

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