Leatherman’s Loop

Apr 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Leatherman’s Loop

Cross River NY,


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Entry Fee $35
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 10K

Type: Trail

Participant Limit: 1100

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 100%

First Year of the Event: 1987

Men's Record: Mark MacIntyre, 35:16

Women's Record: Cindy Davis 42:51


The Leatherman’s Loop was founded by four trail running friends in 1987.

Tony Godino, Dave Cope, Ken Littlefield, and Pete Thompson had run and explored every inch of trail at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation (aka “The Rez“) — and had even created a few trails of their own. Some of these trails are now part of the official trail system at the park.

Road Running was popular but trail running was still an esoteric pursuit that comparably few runners participated in. What the trail runners lacked for in numbers, they made up in creativity and the desire to seek unique challenges.

The Challenge
The Loop was envisioned as a fun, relaxed, challenging, yet “survivable” cross country/steeplechase event.

The Loop founders wanted to incorporate their favorite trail features they had come to love in their many runs at the Rez. Some runners believe the seeds of the current “Mud Races” and obstacle course runs were planted in 1987. We’re not so sure about that but it is nice to contemplate… The Loop is not really an obstacle course in the same sense as those newer event races. It does have its share of challenges and features, but all are natural: the rivers, the mud, roots and rocks, sand hills, downed trees, stone walls, and slippery slopes are just some of what runners encounter. Not to mention the challenge of a 1,200+ runner field sprinting across a quarter-mile meadow to start the race!


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