John Colter Run


Sep 16, 2023 at 9:00 AM

John Colter Run

1585 Trident Road

Three Forks MT, 59752


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Entry Fee $50
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 7.5M

Type: Trail

Participant Limit: 300


Normally May is when they set their date. Fires in ’00 caused cancellation.
Approximately 7.5 miles on paved and gravel roads and rugged trails. The course is relatively rough but suited for cross-country running. The race begins and ends at the Missouri Headwaters State Park with the first mile and a half on paved country road. The remainder of the course crosses a number of gravel roads, but most of it will be on marked, rugged trails. The course, where not on roads, will be marked with flagged stakes. The last ΒΌ mile of the course encompasses two river crossings.

Be prepared for water up to waist deep at each crossing.
Bring an extra change of clothes for the awards ceremony and refreshments.

The course is marked with rock cairns, flags, tipis, a few beer bottles, skulls and bones, and some small green cones. If it looks like someone put it there, it was probably us. Look for the markers. You can always see from one marker to the next.

Keep your eyes peeled for snakes. When we were doing the course work we saw snakes. So be snake aware!

And one final thing. This is a TRAIL RUN so look around! When you are on top of the course, even if you are one of the lead runners, be sure to pause and look around and see just what an awesome place this is that we live. There is some real Montana history here. Just picture in your mind the day John Colter was captured, stripped naked, ran, and escaped from the Indians in hot pursuit, this country looked just like it looks today when you run it!


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