Hard Times on the Dragon’s Spine: H9 Dragon


Aug 06, 2022 at 6:30 AM

Hard Times on the Dragon’s Spine: H9 Dragon

405 Vogel State Park Rd.

Blairsville GA, 30512


Entry Fee $43
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $80
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 26.2M
  • 50M

Type: Ultra

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 100%

First Year of the Event: 2016


You must be a H9 trail club member to participate. This is a non-profit club event and we abide by FS rules for use of the Duncan Ridge area. So that means you have to sign-up as a member to run H9 Dragon

Some new naming has been added this year to allow for multiple events under the H9 trail club. If there is interest we may consider an additional fat-ass style event – or maybe not. The traditional H9 event has been renamed to H9 Dragon to make things confusing (because the course has gotten far too easy). It is still the same stroll along the Duncan Ridge, but now you have to jump through more administrative and marketing hurdles before you arrive at Vogel. For those of us working for the government, we are always ready to help – or maybe not.


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Past Event Dates

Held on Aug 06, 2022

Held on Aug 07, 2021

Held on Aug 08, 2020

Held on Aug 10, 2019

Held on Aug 11, 2018

Held on Aug 12, 2017

Held on Aug 13, 2016