Giir di Mont


Jul 28, 2024 at 8:00 AM

Giir di Mont

Premana, Lecco


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  • 36K

Type: Mountain

First Year of the Event: 2001


The route starts from the church square, at centre of Premana; it then goes down to the valley along the muletrack which takes to Lavinol. Beyond the Varrone stream the first of the three ascents begins, which leads to the first intermediate passage: Alpe Chiarino (1558 mt altitude), after 5 kilometres.

Then the race goes on again for 1 kilometre with an uphill, though less steep and less difficult, through a wonderful larch trees wood. As the ascent becomes less steep, a path which requires care and attention takes to the upper part of Alpe Barconcelli, which you reach by facing a descent of 2 kilometres which, passing through Barconcelli’s houses, leads to Alpe Casarsa and then to Alpe Forni (Km 9, 1180 mt altitude), where the second ascent begins.

After the first short part, which is a little steeper, the path, which leads athletes to Alpe Vegessa, becomes easier. Here the 2nd intermediate passage and the 1st time gate (2h) are placed.

From here on, the military road makes the athletes turn into Valvarrone valley, reaching Varrone hut after 4 kilometres. Here, beyond the stream, the most difficult climb of the race begins. This climb leads the athletes to Bocchetta Larecc (2063mt altitude, 800mt of elevation gain in little more than 3 kilometres). The last 600 meters of this climb can be seen from Bocchetta Larecc and that is why here there are always a lot of people cheering enthusiastically.

The race then goes on with a descent which is quite challenging too; a very steep path takes the athletes to Alpe Fraina (700mt of elevation gain in less than 3 kilometres), where the route becomes easier up to Alpe Caprecolo. You then go down along a military road to Alpe Rasga (km19), where the 4th intermediate passage is placed; here the last and longest climb begins. The first part is the most challenging, from Domant to Pianch’s houses. You then reach Alpe Premaniga (1403mt), where the second time gate (4h40min) is placed. From here on an easier and less steep path leads to Alpe Solino (km25). Passing little above Alpe Piancalada, we reach the last mountain village, Alpe Deleguaggio, which is the last intermediate passage; here the last precipitous descent to Premana begins.

Refreshment points will be set up along the entire route.
The organization has developed over the years an indicative pacemaker table that is made available to the athlete, reminding that these are very subject to variations in relation to the individual and the environmental context.


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