Eastern Sierra Outing


Aug 15, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Eastern Sierra Outing

Reno NV,


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Entry Fee $1695
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


Series: Highline

Type: Running Camp

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 95%

First Year of the Event: 2020


Take a run on the wild side.

On the high desert, in the shadows of Yosemite is a runner’s paradise known as the Eastern Sierra. Based out of Mammoth Lakes, this retreat takes you through a landscape that is home to the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness and the Whitney Portal, the gateway to the tallest peak in the continental United States. Just on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas, this rugged wonderland of alpine peaks, lush pine forests, crystal clear lakes and an expansive high desert valley defines the Wild West and provides ample opportunities for running, hiking, exploring, and hot spring hunting.

The main throughway along the east side (395 North) is hailed by many as one of the iconic American Road Trips with expansive desert to the east and towering peaks to the west. Geologically, the area is incredibly diverse which gives us a wide array of trails to chose from that never disappoint. Eastern Sierra (Mammoth Lakes specifically) is also a training ground of one of the most elite running clubs in the world. Deena Kastor, Meb Kefliezighi, and Ryan Hall call this area home.

Late August is an ideal time to visit as the trails are relatively quiet and the snow pack is clear even at the highest elevations, opening trails that typically have limited accessibility. On retreat, we’ll run, hike, adventure and explore the area that inspired the Father of the National Parks, John Muir, to advocate for the preservation of wilderness areas for all to enjoy.

Lace up your shoes and join us on this once in a lifetime adventure!


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Held on Aug 15, 2020

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