Dirty Dozen 6 / 12 Hour Races


Jul 11, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Dirty Dozen 6 / 12 Hour Races

5551 Giant Highway

San Pablo CA, 94806


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Entry Fee $44
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $100
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 6H
  • 12H

Type: Trail

Starting Elevation: 10

High Point: 150

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 100%

First Year of the Event: 2010

Men's Record: 12HR: Joe Kelso, 74.50 miles (2011)

Women's Record: 12HR: Stacy Costa, 67.38 miles (2013)


Join us at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline for a different kind of race! From 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, the running party won’t stop with 12 hour and 6 hour races going on. And even if you aren’t ready for that kind of “fun”, come join us for the Brazen 100 Celebrations Runs, celebrating Brazen Racing turning 100 races old! The “Big Races” are the 12 hour and 6 hour events: The Dirty Dozen and Dirty Half Dozen! These can be run by individuals or with teams of two or three. These races offer the opportunity to run without worrying about “finishing time”! Anyone who runs a single lap is automatically a “finisher” whether their total run time is 15 minutes or the full 12 hours. We usually have the “Dirty 5K and 10K” take place during the Dirty Dozen timed races. This year the “Dirty Races” will go on hiatus to make room for the Brazen 100 Celebration Runs where runners can come out, run a 10K or 5K, enjoy some BBQ lunch, hang out and cheer on those brave souls running for 6 and 12 hours! The Brazen 100 celebration races are timed to give plenty of moral support to the 6 and 12 hour runners: The morning 10K and 5K start at 10:30 am. The afternoon 10K and 5K start at 4:00 pm.


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Held on Jul 06, 2019

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Held on Jul 10, 2016

Held on Jul 11, 2015

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Held on Jul 10, 2010

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