Hubbard Park Trail System, Montpelier

Directions: Interstate 89 to Exit 8 for Montpelier. Turn left following signs to State House and State Street; turn right on State Street.  State House will be on left, recognizable by golden dome.  Trail for Hubbard Park takes off on switchback trail up steps from right side of State House.  Thereafter, select trails according to degree of difficulty desired.

Trail Information: Switchback trail from State House is challenging, steep.  Continue to top of Hubbard Park, where you will see old stone tower that can be climbed for wonderful view of surrounding area.  From stone tower, follow gravel roads down into main portion of Hubbard Park, and select side trails as desired.  Terrain varies, from steep to flat, with some downhill sections; roots and muddy sections require care, providing an extra balance challenge. Trail is shaded and comfortable in the hottest weather.  Maps of the trail system are posted at entry points.  You can do 3-4 miles in the park, taking different trails. You can also take the cross-park trail described below.

Miscellaneous Information: There is a cross-park trail that leads from Hubbard Park to North Branch Park, and back via trails and ultimately via Elm Street to downtown Montpelier.  Park Ranger can provide additional information. The North Branch section is flat and has less shade than the Hubbard Park trails.  A gravel road leads back to paved streets in outlying areas of Montpelier.  Entire cross-park trail is about 5 miles, and you pass a wonderful pastry shop called Gesine's owned by Sandra Bullock's sister on Elm Street, so be sure to stop there after your workout!

Carol Doerflein