Scotts Run, McLean, VA

Directions:  From the Beltway/495, exit onto Gerogetown Pike, Route 193 going West.  There are two parking areas off of Georgetown Pike.  The first is less than 1/4 mile from the Beltway.  A second larger area is about 1/2 mile further.

Trail Information: Trails vary from gravel roads and paths to dirt trails.  Two wide main trails form a figure 8 (estimate 4 miles) and include rolling hills, gentle slopes, and a few steep heart-break hills.   The hills keep the trails well drained and generally dry. A variety of narrower side trails, and the ability to reverse loops lets runners go for 1-1/2 to two hours without repeating the same route.  

I recommend runners new to the park stay on the main trail until they learn the layout. There are some maps posted. On the side trails watch out for tree roots, especially in the Fall or at dusk when they're obscured.  Enjoy the deer and on weekends, watch for unleashed dogs.  (Most pet owners are courteous, but I do remind owners of the leash laws if they let their dogs harass me when I run.) 

Miscellaneous Information:  There are no amenities here--bring water and use the john before you leave home.

This park was established after the citizens of McLean petitioned the county to purchase the land and set it aside as a nature area.  It's paid for by a special tax assessment on McLean residents.  Democracy at it's best!

Steve Vineski