Chestnut Ridge Loop Trail, Roanoke

Directions: Take Walnut Avenue (which becomes a spur of the Blue Ridge Parkway that comes down to the city) up Mill Mountain toward Roanoke's famous Star.   About 4miles up the road from the city, there is a campground on the right and an "overlook" (not much to see, more of a parking area) on the left.  Trail can be entered from either of these areas.

Trail Information: ~5.4 mile loop with a fair amount of elevation change and switchbacks.  Mostly singletrack including some areas of transient stream.   Some areas are fairly close to the road but mostly within earshot rather than eyeshot.  Can be quite muddy in places if it has rained much recently.  Can cross over/under the Parkway in 3 places to vary length of run from about 2miles and up to the full loop.

Miscellaneous Information: Part of the Parkway system so Federal laws apply in terms of disturbing wildlife, etc.  Can be busy on nice days; best time to run is early morning when the deer are out.