Power Line Trails, San Antonio

Directions: Take I-10 North to Loop 1604 take 1604 West to Chase Hill road go south under loop to UT San Antonio campus for parking or park on Chase Hill Blvd. Basically, take Chase Hill road north, all  the way up the hill, you'll intersect Babcock Rd go another 1/4 mile up the hill (good hill) and you'll see the trail head at the end of the cul de sac.

Trail Information: UTSA runners have used these trails for years to get miles in. The trails are parallel to the power lines and might run across private property. There is no water so pack it in. There are many trails all over the place, the whole network of trails is contained by 2 roads, Kyle Seale Parkway and Babcock Rd (both curve around a bit). Lots of dirt trails with rocks of varying size and tendency to roll. Stay sharp for the terrain and snakes. If you climb to the top of the hill along the powerline right of way closest to Kyle Seale Parkway in the evenings you can get an upclose view of various cargo planes coming into Kelly Air Force Base. The whole network is contained in a 2 square mile area, lots of ups and downs and rollercoasters it's an exploring area.

Miscellaneous Information: Pack your water

Darrell Rose