McAllister Park, San Antonio

Directions: Hwy 281 to Bitters, get onto Starcrest until you come to Jones-Maltsberger. Follow Jones-Maltsberger until you come to McAllister Park entrance on your  right.
(or, depending on which route  is more convenient).
Hwy 281, crossover to Redland Road.  Follow until  4-way stop, turn right onto Jones-Maltsberger and  follow until you come to park entrance on your left.

Trail Information:  McAllister Park is a park for any occasion.   There is  camping, running/biking trails, and baseball, soccer,  and frisbee fields.  As far as running is concerned,  there are many pavillions for breaks, rally points, etc You can run on roads through sports fields, or take the paved paths through beautiful woods (be careful though, there are many others on the trails also).  For trail  runners there are many trails to follow but don't get   lost. :)
Miscellaneous:  Tons of places to eat outside the park, or you can plan a post-run picnic at any of  the picnic tables along the forest trails.
A driving range is set up along the trails edge, excellent for relaxation after your   long runs.

John Nelson