Friedrich Wilderness Area, San Antonio

Directions: From San Antonio, take I10 West and take the Camp Bullis exit.  At the first intersection, turn left and then right after the underpass (the access road becomes two-way.)  The turn left when you see the sign on the left for Friedrich Park (approx. 2 minutes.)  Take the street to the dead end and turn left and the park is on the right.

Trail Information: The trails are rather short (the longest is a few miles and the shortest is just over a mile) but they are good.  Some stretches of rough, uphill terrain, then straight/narrow track.  There are several trails and some of them paved.

It's nice in the spring and summer.  Cold weather runs are nice because of the foliage. The creek can sometimes fill up after a rain which adds to it.

Great trails to get started in trail running.  The next step up would be Eisenhauer Park which is just five minutes away.

Miscellaneous Information: Even though the parking lot may be busy, you likely won't see that many people on the trails.  Great views!  Clean picnic benches and tables for closure surrounded by wildflowers in the spring.  Odd hours so check out