Sinking Creek Trail at Concord Park, Knoxville

Directions: From Interstate 40 in west Knoxville, get on Interstate 140, which starts at this juncion. Heading toward Maryville on 140, get off on the Northshore Drive exit and turn right. Go for several miles, until you see Concord Park.  You'll see a golf course on your right: turn in there.  There will be a parking lot by a swimming pool.  The trailhead is by the corner of the lot by the pool.  There is a sign and a map at the trailhead. 

Trail Information: This is a mountain bike trail that is a blast to run.   The main loop is about a mile with lots of climbs and descents.  At the top of one hill is an intersection with few twisty, narrow singletracks that can be quite challenging and scenic.  Feel free to explore--all the singletracks come out on the main loop, so you can't get lost. 

Miscellaneous Information: Most days, you have the place to yourself.   Others, you see a few mountainbikers.  A lot of wood comes down in the occasional summer storm--if you're lucky, you might have a log or two to vault!