"White Trail" Meeman Shelby Forest State Park, Memphis 

Directions:   Hwy 51 North, look for signs directing to State Park.

Trail Information:  One of the WORST trails I have ever run!  As I was traveling through the region, I didn't have time to explore the other trails in the park thoroughly, but I hear that there IS good trail running in Shelby Farms.  But I would encourage you to avoid the "white" trail, as it is very poorly marked and apparently has received no maintenance and very little traffic in recent months.   About 3 miles into the trail, I frequently found that the trail kind of died, and I spent several minutes looking for the white markers on the trees, eventually giving up and cutting my run short.  Also, too many obstacles (fallen trees, overgrowth, branches, etc.).  I like a challenging trail, but I want to run, not spend all my time climbing over trees and trying to figure out where the trail is.  The state of TN should be ashamed to claim ownership of this land.  Get some local volunteers to clean this place up!  It has the potential to be a great trail.


Additional Information:  The preceding directions are for the Meeman Shelby Forest State Park recreational area.  Shelby Farms is a county owned and operated facility. It is, if not the largest urban park in the country, one of the largest with over 4500 acres of rolling fields, Southern hardwood bottomland forests, thirty one lakes, hiking, biking and paved multi-use trails, remote controlled aircraft field, kite flying area, picnic areas and a 7000 square foot visitors center with meeting rooms, nature center and restrooms.  This building also houses the parks' administration offices. We have, at present, a "white trail " also.  This trail runs from the Germantown Road trail head for approximately 2 miles.  We have ranger maintenance and it is well defined although sometimes people do wander off the trail in search of adventure and get into the Lucious Burch Jr. State Natural Area which only allows "foot" traffic. One very important fact concerning the trails at Shelby Farms is that we have fulltime and volunteer rangers that regularly travel them. Even though they could always be improved, they are not ill kept and the white trail is predominately a mountain biking trail.

Tim Martin, 
Superintendent Shelby Farms Park