Mossy Ridge Trail, Nashville

Directions: Located in Percy Warner Park. Take HWY 100 South from Nashville. Turn left on Old Hickory Blvd. First left is a road which parallels the trail. The trail is on the left where there is a little foot bridge. It is marked with red/white striped markers(Connecter Trail) and with red markers(Mossy Ridge).

Trail Information: Connector trail gets you to the loop trail of Mossy Ridge. 4.5 mi for Mossy Ridge. Hilly with good footing.

Miscellaneous Information: There are other trail marked and unmarked in this area

Josh Beckham

Directions: From downtown Nashville, goe West on Broadway/West End Avenue.  The road eventually forks at a split between Highway 100 and Highway 70.   Take Highway 100, the left split.  A few miles down Highway 100, you will come to the Percy Warner and Edwin Warner park systems.  The trail is part of Percy Warner.

Trail Information: Hilly, single track.  It is a 4.5 mile loop.