Trails at Maryville College Woods, Maryville

Directions: From Knoxville take 129s into Maryville. Follow signs for 411S and 129S south just past the airport.  At the intersection of 321 and 129 (there is a Shoneys on your left) you will turn left and follow 321 thru Maryville. At the intersection of 321 and Court St turn right. Approx .5 miles turn left into Maryville College. Proceed to stop sign and turn right, then take first right after that. You will proceed past baseball/football fields and parking is on the left or right.

Trail Information: Fun place to run. Enough trail to get in a 2-3 mile run with no repeats. Trails are not super technical but there is a bit of single track. There are plenty of rocks and roots and a ropes course on the backside. Lower section on the other side of the creek is super muddy after rains. There are no maps of this place to my knowledge, but you won't get lost checking things out. If you are visiting the area and just want a good place for a quick run (dogs are welcome) this is a great spot.

Miscellaneous Information: The college woods are where I first got hooked on trail running. I go there often because it is nearby. I see deer, squirrels and the occasional black snake.

Kate Long