Ijams Park, Knoxville

Directions: From Interstate 40 in Knoxville, take the exit to US 441 South.  This takes you to Henley Street (441).  Continue south, across the bridge, keeping in the left lane.  At the end of the bridge, turn left onto Blount Ave by the hospital.  Blount turns into Sevier Ave, which you take to a fork by a laudromat.  Bear left onto Island Home Ave. There will be two tricky turns on Island Home where you will want to go straight, but the avenue actually turns into the intersections--just follow the signs for the Ijams Park at both these. Continue on Island Home Ave for about three winding miles, and be looking for the park on the left.     The parking is right inside the gate.

Trail Information: Several short but often hilly trails; most of them are woodchip.  A few steep climbs good for repeats, and some flat, easy stuff as well.   Very scenic, with flora and river views.  Some sections are cribbed and/or stepped, and there is also a boardwalk along the Tennessee River that is currently undergoing repair.  There is an adjacent quarry that has recently been acquired by the park, and new trails are being added to this also--just watch out for debris that is still in the process of being cleared.  Foot traffic only--ie, no mountainbikers to share with, just walkers.

Miscellaneous Information: This is actually a nature park maintained by the City of Knoxville, complete with a nature center.  Plenty of runners and other users find the trails a nice escape from the city, while still being in the city.   Great place for some during-the-week trailrunning, when you might not have time to drive out to a more typical trailhead.  The directions might seem confusing but they should become clear as you drive it, and after finding it once it will be easy to find.   Knoxville has a strange approach to naming streets.  The two confusing turns are only confusing because you expect Island Home Ave to go straight in an intersection, instead of turning.