Bays Mountain Park Trails, Kingsport

Directions:   From I-81, take I-181 into Kingsport, TN. From there follow the interstate until you reach the exit for Wilcox Drive, there will be Bays Mtn. Park signs as well. Once off the exit, turn left at the first light, and right at the second light (next to an Exxon Station) then take the next left, and the very next right. Once you reach the end of that street, turn left, and follow the curving road (Reservoir Road) until you reach the sign for Bays Mtn. Park on your left, it is after a small hill and a railing. These directions may be a bit confusing, but any local person knows how to get you to Bays Mtn.

Trail Information:   The trails here have been favorites of mine for hiking, and once I began trailrunning, I realized what superb running trails they were as well! There are  trails of varying lengths, heights, and all are listed in the park building.

Miscellaneous Information:  It is somewhat of a touristy place until you hit the trails, then you will seldom run into people.

Tracy Green