Paris Mountain State Park, Greenville

Directions:  Get a map.  About 15 miles north of Greenville.

Trail Information:    Several loops and options.  Some steep sections.  $1.50 entrance fee.  Watch for roots and loose rocks.

Directions: Park is near Furman University.  It's a little tricky to find the park entrance.  Jeff at Personal Best Sports in Greenville can probably give you directions.

Trail Information: It's been a while since I've run there.  Drive to the parking lot at the top.  Trail starts (a two mile up and back loop) which will knock your lungs out going up, especially if you start going up to the right at the "Y" in the trail at the beginning just past the parking lot (heart attack hill, I called it; be careful - no kidding).

Miscellaneous Information: Furman University is very picturesque, if your vision isn't blurred from the run.  Annual Paris Mountain Run starts on the Furman Campus.  Greenville Track Club has info.  Very challenging 20K race.

Bob Young


Directions: 2401 State Park Road, Greenville SC

Trail Information: Approximately 16 miles of trails can be combined into running loops of different lengths and difficulty. The word "moutain" in the name is a dead give away though, apart from the dams enclosing the holding ponds, nothing is flat.

Miscellaneous Information: For GPS maps, downloadable gpx files for your garmin and all the other minutia see

Flemming Josephsen