Hitchcock Woods, Aiken

Directions:  If you're in aiken, which is on the south carolina side of the georgia-south carolina border next to augusta, you can basically ask anyone there where hitchcock woods is because there are about ten different entrances.  The easiest one I know is on dibble road, the new dibble road, and you follow it till you cross a bridge and you'll see a small metal fence to your right directly after it and that's hitchcock woods.

Trail Information:   Hitchcock woods is a reserved area with trails winding all through it. Many of the turns are marked and there are annual runs through hitchcock woods with the courses clearly marked, otherwise you'll need a map and to plan where you're going ahead of time to avoid confusion.  The trails are mostly sand, some flat, some going up hills, whichever you prefer on the given day.  You can go anywhere from a swamp to sand cliffs and the whole trail is set in beautiful southern woods with a  variety of trees.  Autumn, of course, is especially beautiful and is really the best time of the year to go because the weather is nicest then.