Wissahickon Gorge, Philadelphia

Directions:  Start at either end of "Forbidden Drive" - The Southern end starts from a small parking lot off Lincoln Drive, which can be reached by following Kelly Drive to it's Western end. Look for a small, former guard house on the left. From the Northern end, start on Northwestern Avenue, which intersects Germantown Pike accross from Chestnut Hill College. Follow Forbidden Drive South (on foot) until you reach Bells Mill road. Just after you cross Bells Mill, there is a trail rising steeply to the right. This can be followed south for about 5 miles.
You can also go left at Bells Mill Road, then take the first trail to the right, which will follow the Wissahickon Creek on the Western side.

Trail Information:  Trails on both sides of the Gorge are well marked. On the eastern side, follow the yellow markings. On the Western side, follow the whiter markings for hills or the orange markings to stay flat.

Miscellaneous Information:  Excellent maps available at local bookstores or at the Valley Green Inn

Eric Schneider