South Mountain Preserve, Allentown/Emmaus

Directions: From interstate 78, take Lehigh street towards Emmaus, follow Lehigh street make a left onto Emmaus Ave, after about 1/2 mile branch right at the Y onto east main street, make first right and drive to the parking lot. Trail head is in front of you. Playground and parking lot on the left.

Trail Information: There's tons of different trails on south mountain, when I run I prefer this route, start at the trailhead and run into the woods you come to a Y go right, this should start taking you up the hill via switchbacks (watch out for private land). Once you get to the "top" there should be a wooden board that once held a map for the area, I stay to the right continuing up the mountain until you get to a power line, run down the power line trail, the trail gets really rocky and intense at this section, take note you are going to pass the trail you will be returning on its on your left. you can turn around at that point or keep going straight and take on more intense downhill until you get to a small mountain stream. this is where I turn around. head back the way you came, however, keep to the right, avoiding the trail you just came down. This is my favorite stretch of this run, keep going straight until you reach that board with the missing map that you encountered on your up after the switchbacks and make your way back to the parking.

Miscellaneous Information:: They do provide maps at the trailhead, however the power line section is not on the map. This trail is mainly used by mountain bikers so be alert while you are going uphill, they may be going down, however on the flats and uphills I usually have the mountain bikers eating my dust. and a small side trip features some large boulders and a fun, but dangerous rope swing, this can be found after you've left the trailhead and make a left and the first Y in the trail (instead of right)